Council gives update on Vegas convention trip

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by A.C. Hall

The White Settlement City Council and Economic Development Corporation held a joint meeting on Tuesday to get an update from staff and council members who attended the Recon retail convention in Las Vegas last week.  Mayor Ronald A. White stated he wanted to have this meeting now instead of at the next regular council meeting so the events of the trip were fresh in the minds of those who went.   Continue reading

Police, community work together to bring down suspected thieves

street crimes

by A.C. Hall

A string of home and vehicle burglaries struck the 500 – 700 blocks of Hallvale Street last week.  The White Settlement Police Department said reports were coming in for about two weeks related to thefts in the area.  One person who lives on that block says the thief struck seven times in one night last week.  Detective Brandon Tibbit of the White Settlement Police Department explained how the thieves were scouting out their targets. Continue reading

BMS Whiz Quiz team wins first place

whiz quiz

The Brewer Middle School Whiz Quiz Team won this year’s Whiz Quiz Tournament, defeating Irma Marsh Middle, Aledo Middle and All Saints Episcopal School.
Eighth graders are: Adam Bradley, Victoria McManamy, Angelo Ochoa, Lesly Salazar, Autumn Siegmund and Michelle Taylor.
Seventh graders are: Braxton Cannon, Jacob Olds, Kayela Denison, Alyssa Lobbes, Carson Morrill, Nicole Speiser, Christopher Starr, Austin Sykes and Trinity Weyandt.
The academic team is sponsored by Susan Wilson and Levi Jordan.

Students at Relay for Life

RElay for life

Fine Arts Academy Student Council members recently volunteered at an American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  Students decorated luminaria bags in memory of those who lost their battle with cancer and in honor of those continuing to fight.
Pictured are: Katelyn McGowan, Amber Utter, Brandon Jenkins, Jeanine Laboy and sister Julie Laboy.
Sponsors are Candace Summerhill (pictured) and Katherine Sewell. Also pictured are Donna Utter, Hayley McGowan and Coleen Seeker. Not pictured are students Caleb Bartee, Micah Medrano, Brynleigh Hooten and Landry Brannon.

Local ceremony honors, pays respects to military members

Kaitlyn Aryton, Miss White Settlement and Ady Forrester, Miss White Settlement Outstanding Teen along with members of the VFW Post placed wreaths at the base of the Veterans Park flag pole.

Kaitlyn Aryton, Miss White Settlement and Ady Forrester, Miss White Settlement Outstanding Teen along with members of the VFW Post placed wreaths at the base of the Veterans Park flag pole.

Members of the community along with City Officials, Military members and Veterans paid tribute on Monday to members of the armed forces who gave the ultimate sacrifice in providing our freedom. The ceremony was held at Veterans Park at 9 a.m. Continue reading

Sales tax revenue continues to fall for White Settlement

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by A.C. Hall

Finance Director Phil Bray had more bad news for the White Settlement Economic Development Corporation at their latest meeting as he informed them that sales tax revenue continues to fall.  The EDC board relies on sales tax revenue to fund their annual budget, getting half of one percent of sales tax that is collected in the city.  After coming in 17 percent below estimates in March and 36 percent below estimates in April, Bray told the EDC that sales tax revenue came in 26 percent below estimates for May.   Continue reading

Brewer Alumni award scholarships

bhs alum

By Cheryl Posey

Monday night, the Brewer Exes Association presented 3 scholarships to seniors at the annual Honors Night program.

The scholarships were made possible by donations from former Brewer students, including a $250 check from the students in the combined classes of the 1950’s.  The scholarships were all given in honor of one of the Exes Association’s beloved board members, David Deming.   Continue reading

Reflections: GRADUATION

Happy young woman, just graduated with diploma.

Commentary by Dr. Bill Tensley

Young men and women will line up this month robed in caps and gowns grinning at their friends. Their eyes will scan the audience, peering past dangling tassels in search of family members who search for them.   Cameras and cell phones will light up stadiums and auditoriums with bursts of light as proud parents try to capture the magic of the moment.   Continue reading

Home Video Spotlight on by A.C. Hall

home movieMortdecai…

I’ve come to a decision.  Johnny Depp is terrible.  Sure, he has his moments and has delivered a few memorable characters over the years, but for the most part, he’s terrible.  Depp doesn’t just march to the beat of his own drummer, he invents his own instruments and plays alien music that only trans-dimensional pixies can hear.  Or maybe I’m giving him too much credit.  Maybe he just is a weird guy who plays weird characters in weird and bad movies.  That’s most certainly an accurate description of the pile of badness known as Mortdecai. Continue reading

A.C. at the Movies…


Mad Max: Fury Road…

There have been many action movies over the years, but I don’t think there’s ever been one with such a singular and absolute focus as Fury Road.  This is a post apocalyptic movie about a big truck driving across the desert that gets attacked again and again by crazed maniacs.  No, I’m not kidding or exaggerating, that’s what this movie is all about.  Aside from a few brief quiet moments, this is one long action sequence and it’s an incredible thing to behold.   Continue reading

A.C. at the Movies…


Hot Pursuit…

Buddy cop comedy is a great genre, but it’s one that’s fallen out of favor a bit in recent years.  Historically dominated by male characters, recent releases have seen female buddy cop comedies hit the scene.  Hot Pursuit is the latest of these releases, featuring a by the book cop who’s forced to deal with a hot tempered cartel wife.  It’s a perfectly fine setup, but one that falls horribly flat thanks to a whole lot of bad writing and characters that are way too far over the top.   Continue reading

Vehicle mishap closes post office in town

by A.C. Hall

White Settlement residents looking to mail a letter on Tuesday found themselves unable to do so as the local Post Office location was closed.  This came after an early afternoon incident that saw a vehicle strike the brick exterior of the post office.  No information was immediately available regarding the nature of the incident, the status of the driver, or the extent of the damage done to the post office.  One city official did say that it could possibly be several days before the post office re-opens.

City of White Settlement names new police chief

by A.C. Hall

The search for a new Chief of Police for the White Settlement Police Department has come to a close.  After conducting an internal search and interviewing all members of the WSPD command staff, current WSPD officer J.P. Bevering has been selected as the new Chief of Police.  Bevering has been an officer with WSPD for 23 years and is currently serving as Interim Police Chief.  A promotion ceremony will be held on May 11 where Bevering will be elevated to the Chief of Police level and will take his oath of office.


Commentary  by Dr. Don Newbury

by Dr. Don Newbury

Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury

If it were voted on, there’d be no “National Siblings Day.” Period, end of discussion.
The unofficial “date” is sneaking onto calendars, however, perhaps with a gentle push by brain trusts at Hallmark Cards.
Best I can tell, one woman decided her fellow Americans need to “make nice” to their brothers and sisters, with sentiments exchanged April 10 each year—in close proximity with April Fool’s Day…. Continue reading