Arborist identifies award worthy trees of Lake Worth

Lake Worth Champion Bald Cypress
Lake Worth Champion Bald Cypress

Wes Culwell, a Board-Certified Master Arborist, has been involved in a study of the trees around Lake Worth since early 2011.  Now, some great results have been achieved.

Lake Worth Champion Bald Cypress

After measuring about 350 of the area’s biggest trees, a champion tree has been determined in 37 different tree species.  A point system was used based on the tree height, width and trunk size.  Additionally, Culwell has nominated 29 of our biggest trees to be added to the DFW Big Tree List.  He thinks that 5 to 6 may be determined to be the biggest tree of their species in the DFW area.

A study of our historic trees has also been completed, and 12 of Lake Worth’s most historic trees may also be nominated for Fort Worth Heritage Tree status.  There are currently 48 trees in Tarrant County that have gained this status.

A study of the 20 parks around Lake Worth has also been completed, a detailed description of the trees that are found in each park was done.

“We are so lucky to have so many great parks with so many wonderful trees,” Culwell said.

Wes riding Bois de Arc

He is also in the process of producing a book celebrating the trees of Lake Worth and has teamed with Chuck Garrett, a local photographer. They are committed to producing a book full of beautiful photos and great information on trees.

“I assure you we are producing a book on trees like you’ve never seen before,” Culwell said.  “Chuck is going to give you the opportunity to look at trees differently.” Look for publication in early 2014.

Wes is the owner of HortiCare.  When he’s not out studying our great trees, he’s trying to improve the health of sick trees.  “A lot of trees are struggling because of last year’s drought,” he said.  “Between 100 – 500 million trees died in Texas last year.”

This spring Culwell earned the highest professional certification in arboriculture, Board-Certified Master Arborist.  This designation is based on a candidate’s education, experience and the ability to pass a thorough examination on all areas of arboriculture.  There are only 10 working Master Arborists in Texas, and Culwell is the only one in our area of Texas.

He is a member of The International Society of Arboriculture, which is a scientific and educational organization devoted to the dissemination of information in the care and preservation of shade and ornamental trees.