City approves funding for bridge design

by Ben Posey

The Fort Worth City Council approved approximately $564,000 for the design phase of the Chapel Creek Bridge crossing I-30 during this past week’s meeting. Construction may begin as soon as the Fall of 2013 and could be completed by the middle of 2014.

Commuters in the area are well aware of the importance of the bridge widening after years of having to sit in traffic that’s backed up for nearly half-a-mile each morning as drivers head to work and school each morning.

A preliminary rendition of the bridge describes it as a four-lane structure with protected left turn lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, upgraded traffic signals and street lights.

The City’s 2008 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) included partial funding for this project with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in the amount of $1,650,059.00 to widen the Chapel Creek Bridge over Interstate Highway 30. Funding for this Agreement includes the amount of $309,016.00 in City funds (or 19 percent of the total). The balance is being provided by Federal and State Funds.