Road near Benbrook Elementary now officially one way

By A.C. Hall

Longtime Benbrook citizens may be surprised to hear the action taken by the Benbrook City Council last week as they designated Park Center Street from Cozby North to Mercedes to be one way on school days from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the afternoon.  This action was needed because despite being set up as one way for decades, city staff was unable to find the official action that made it so.

“Signs have been posted at this location for at least thirty seven years, but a recent staff review of Benbrook municipal code could not locate the ordinance required to reinforce the one way traffic pattern,” Public Services Director Walter Shumac said.

The Benbrook Police Depart-ment as well as traffic engineers told city staff that keeping the one way designation during school hours was a good way to keep the area around the school safer.

A motion was made to pass an ordinance that would officially designate the block one way during school hours.  That motion passed unanimously.

At the close of the brief meeting, council member Jim Wilson took a moment to speak about the Lockheed volunteers who recently planted flowers along the trails on Winscott Road.

“I just think it points out the blessing our city has and the volunteers here that make our city better,” Wilson said.