Suspect captured after escape from police


The escaped suspect who stole a police car last week is now in custody after being captured in east Fort Worth. Darren Douglas Porter, 41, dubbed the criminal Houdini, was arrested in the 3300 block of East Belknap Street. 

“Porter was taken into police custody without any incident and was cooperative with arresting officers,” a White Settlement Police Department (WSPD) press release stated.

The suspect was wanted by the WSPD on three felony charges of theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle and escape.

On Dec. 7, a police car dash cam recorded Porter beginning his Houdini act by rolling down a backseat window, opening the door and hopping into the front seat of a police car.  Still handcuffed, he drove erratically through the streets of White Settlement.

The cruiser was later found abandoned at a Fort Worth apartment complex with a blown tire.

Porter is currently being held at the White Settlement Police Department Jail, and bond has been set at $225,000.

Since this incident the White Settlement Police Department has inspected its patrol fleet making sure that the electric rear windows have been disabled on all its patrol vehicles to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

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