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By A.C. Hall

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Former council members Garry Wilson and Paul Moore were recognized at last week’s White Settlement City Council meeting as Mayor Jerry Burns presented them with plaques and thanked them  for their service to the City.    

Mayor Jerry Burns presents a plaque of appreciation for service on the council to Paul Moore.
Mayor Jerry Burns presents a plaque of appreciation for service on the council to Paul Moore.

Also on hand to make a presentation was Westworth Village Police Chief Doug Reim.  He spoke highly of White Settlement Police Chief Jack Ely and the relationship that exists between the departments of Westworth and White Settlement.

“I’m hoping to impress upon your city and your council the efforts between the two police departments,” Reim said.  “There are things that we could not do without the assistance from the White Settlement Police Department and we’ve been able to provide some assistance to them in the past also.”


Racial profiling report

Lieutenant Boden of the WSPD gave a racial profiling report to the council.  This is required once a year, and once again the news was good.  There were no racial profiling complaints in the last year, making it three years in a row that there have been none.


No action taken on Crime Board

Picking up something that’s been discussed in recent months, there was an agenda item dealing with appointing members to the Crime Board.  Currently, the Crime Board is handled like all others, with citizens appointed to it by the Council.  There has been some discussion over the possibility that the Council could appoint itself to serve as the Crime Board.

This option was once again before the council, but they took no action on it.


Mayor Jerry Burns presents a plaque of appreciation for service on the council to Garry Wilson.
Mayor Jerry Burns presents a plaque of appreciation for service on the council to Garry Wilson.

Action taken on property

The council unanimously approved a motion to sell a property they are holding.  The house is being held by the city due to back taxes, and a buyer approached them willing to purchase it.  This buyer has been fixing up homes within the City.

The price being offered is for $24,000, the appraised value, but that will be split between the City, the White Settlement Independent School District, and the County.  White Settlement will end up with around $5,000 out of the deal, but the advantages of having the property back on the tax roll was mentioned as a reason to approve the sale.

Both the WSISD and Tarrant County will have to approve the sale before it is made final.

Another matter of property was discussed in a closed door executive session.  The agenda stated the session was to discuss the possible sale, lease or acquisition of real estate.  When council reconvened in open session, a motion was unanimously passed to direct EDC Director Jim Ryan to follow up on the negotiations discussed in the closed session.  No further information on this item was given.


Other Business

Finance Director Phil Bray gave a quarterly investment report.  Working with investment advisors Valley View Consulting, Bray informed council that the city has improved it’s fund diversification.  This improves the safety of funds, and has also increased the return yield the city is receiving on its investments by almost double, from .16% to .30%.

City Marshal Jeff James updated council on implementing a background check policy for those applying for boards and commissions.  The plan is to for class a and b misdemeanor convictions, felony convictions, class c warrants and the sex offender list.

One thing mentioned was that council members could possibly still choose to hold an interview for an applicant that may fail some of the items on the check to see if they may still want to appoint them to a board or commission.

Council member Danny Anderson spoke about his feeling that a workshop needs to be held to discuss many items.  Anderson stated he believed that much could be accomplished at a long session and encouraged the council to give up a Saturday or some other day to tackle many items of business.

After some back and forth discussion, the council decided to hold the workshop on Friday at 4:00 p.m.