Trees in Lake Worth area named to biggest champion list in DFW

Soapberry tree

By Ben Posey

A study over the past three years has now located and documented the biggest trees around Lake Worth according to local Board-Certified Master Arborist Wes Culwell.

“These trees were nominated through the Texas A&M Forest Service with each tree being measured to make the final determination of their ranking,” Culwell said.

Four hundred of Lake Worth’s trees, which included thirty-five species, were considered during the study.

Here is a list of Lake Worth’s tree champions.

A Green Ash, located near the boardwalk of the Nature Center, won 4th largest in the state of Texas.

An Arizona Cypress, located on a private residence on Watercress Drive, was a DFW regional champion.

A Blackjack Oak, located on Casino Beach, was recognized as a DFW regional champion.

A Sweetgum, located on the north side of Love Circle Park, was a DFW regional champion.

A Western Soapberry (seen at left), located in Arrow S Park, was named DFW regional co-champion.

An Arbovitae on Windswept Circle and a Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum on Cahoba Drive were named to the DFW regional big tree list.