Burglaries, theft strike Westpoint area

crime scene

by Cheryl Posey

According to area neighborhood associations several cars were broken into in the north part of the Chapel Creek/Westpoint area on April 12 and 13. Electronics were stolen and cars sustained damaged. One neighbor also reported a home burglary on Friday night.  The homeowner reported stolen electronics but credits her home alarm for sounding and possibly scaring the thieves away before they had the opportunity to steal more. Neighbors in the area reported seeing an unfamiliar white car in the driveway of the home that evening while the homeowners were away.

Crime watch members remind you to keep your eyes open for any neighborhood activity that is out of the ordinary.  “If you happen to see ANY suspicious cars or people in the area, call 911 with as much description as possible.  If you feel there is suspicious activity always call 911.”