Get ready for the age of smartwatches


By A.C. Hall

Google Glasses may be grabbing headlines lately, but they won’t be the first wearable smart technology on the shelves.  The next big gadget craze is set to happen on the wrist, as Apple is reportedly hard at work on what is being called the iWatch.  This is pretty much exactly as it sounds, a watch with computing capabilities far beyond just telling time.

Apple isn’t the only company going down this road, as both Samsung and Google are also in the smartwatch game.  Details are sketchy so far, meaning the actual features of a smartwatch remain unknown.  Will they offer enough uniqueness to make them a must have for consumers who already own a smartphone and a tablet computer such as an iPad?  Another question being asked is if these smartwatches will act as a phone as well.  The company LG already has a phonewatch on the market, but that hasn’t received much buzz.  This makes it difficult to gauge just how much interest there is in watches that double as phones.

The gadget craze hasn’t advance quite as quickly as some thought several years ago, but it has continued to move along.  Laptops turned into netbooks, netbooks into smartphones, smartphones into tablet computers, and now, from tablets into smartwatches.  Will you shell out hundreds of dollars to wear a computing device on your wrist?