New spin on the old drive in


By A.C. Hall

There was a time when the drive in theater was thought to be a relic of a bygone age.  A few persisted, landmarks to a beloved pastime gone away, but for the most part drive in theaters have been extinct for decades.  But now, on the edge of downtown Fort Worth, the drive in has been resurrected, as the Coyote Drive-In has now opened.  

Located on North Main Street next to LaGrave Field, the Coyote Drive-In is now open for business.  Equipped with three screens that each show a different double feature, the Coyote Drive-In officially opened this past weekend.  Inclined parking allows vehicles a perfect angle pointed up at the screens, and digital projectors mean a crisp and clear picture.  The film’s sound can be heard through the car radio, and a sprawling rest area provides reasonably priced food and beverages, restrooms, and a playground.

No outside food or drinks are allowed into the drive in, but competitive prices at the food stand lessens the impact of this restriction.  While eating and drinking at the theater will always be a pricey affair, the Coyote Drive-In beats other high end theaters on most menu items.

The idea of the Coyote on this particular stretch of fifteen acres arrived when the Tarrant Regional Water District started looking for something to put on the land.  With a ten year lease, the drive in will be a fixture as the Trinity River Vision Authority moves forward with a planned $1 billion 800 acre development in the area in the coming years.  The owners of the Coyote Drive-In are looking toward the possibility of opening a location in Dallas.

The cost to view a double feature at the Coyote Drive-In is $8 per person.  Movies start as the sun goes down at 8:30 p.m., seven days a week.  Movie selections and other information can be found at the theater’s website,