Beautification project spruces up roadway to the west

camp bowie project

by Ben Posey

Shovels have hit the dirt on Camp Bowie Boulevard during the past few months. Citizens commuting along the westside artery now see a forest full of trees and other plants giving the area a fresh, attractive look. In fact, nine hundred shrubs and flowers, along with 350 trees have been planted near the intersection of Interstate West Loop 820. Landscaping will also be installed near Camp Bowie West and Phoenix Drive to create a small linear park.roses camp bowie west

The project was made possible after Camp Bowie District secured $335,000 in funding from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The District hired one of Fort Worth’s own for this native Texas design, Hallum Architects, Inc. — a 53-year-old architectural and landscape design firm, while TxDOT awarded the bid to C. Greenscaping, LP.

“We are very excited and appreciative of TxDOT investing in Camp Bowie West,” said Lisa Powers, Camp Bowie District President. “This will be a huge benefit for the area.”

Chosen for their vibrant and rich color palette, as well their ability to thrive in the North Texas climate, plant varieties will include: Texas Sage, Knockout Roses, Crape Myrtles, Cedar Elms and Live Oak Trees.

For more information on the Camp Bowie District, please visit our website and click on the Camp Bowie District link.