Recycling plans move forward for apartment complexes


For the thousands of Fort Worth residents living in apartment homes, the good news is residential recycling is coming your way very soon. Items that can be recycled, such as aluminum cans, bottles and paper, will have new life instead of making their way to the landfill to be buried forever.

In December 2011, the Fort Worth City Council passed an ordinance requiring property managers and owners of apartments and condominiums with eight or more units to provide recycling services for their residents. Apartment managers have until Jan. 1, 2014, to complete recycling plans and begin implementation.

Between now and the end of the year, the city is hosting three sustainability symposiums for owners and managers of multi-family complexes as well as interested residents.

In addition to addressing recycling, the symposiums will cover topics such as how multi-family complexes can conserve energy and water and lessen the impact of storm water runoff from properties. Apartment managers who are leaders in sustainability and conservation will present case studies on their accomplishments.

Dates for the symposiums are June 18, Sept. 12 and Dec. 12.