Central Park parking addressed


By A.C. Hall

Construction workers replaced and overlaid problem areas in the parking lot of the newly renovated Central Park last week.  Project Manager Jack Bell spoke about the issues that came up within the weeks following the re-opening of the park.  
“There was an issue with bad asphalt along with no acceptable workmanship over several areas,” Bell said.
Some of the specific issues that arose were cold joints, fraying, and asphalt mix that was too cold when applied.
Citizens have expressed concern over who is paying for the additional parking lot work.  Bell said that the park was still under warranty with Heartland, the company that did the renovations, and the parking lot repairs completed last week were handled by a Heartland subcontractor at no additional cost to the City.
“There was no cost with this work due to warranty from Heartland,” Bell said.
Bell said additional agreements have been made in case trouble recurs with the extra work that was done.
“Heartland and the asphalt contractor have agreed to sign an additional two year Maintenance Bond that will warranty the additional work,” Bell said.
The parking lot work concludes all the contractual work that was being done on the park.  According to Bell, there are still a few things that the city would like to do at Central Park.
“The City does have some plans to do some more work to the park in the near future such as new fencing along Las Vegas Trail along with some gates at the entrances,” Bell said.
Bell said the Parks Department also has some ideas for more things they could do in the park, but that all of this additional work will depend on city council approval.