No proof in ‘shake-and-bake’ rolling meth lab in Lake Worth


Neither drug nor arson charges will be filed against five people seriously burned in an August car fire in Lake Worth, a case that authorities suspected was sparked by a mobile “shake-and-bake” meth lab.

Evidence of chemicals or drugs was destroyed by the fire, said Lake Worth officials.

They also said that some type of chemicals created a flash fire in the back seat, but the samples sent in for testing weren’t enough to tell officials what was in the car.

Shake-and-bake meth is made by combining unstable ingredients in a 2-liter soda bottle and shaking it. But one tiny mistake can create an explosion. The Lake Worth case raised the question about whether this method has come to North Texas.

Local drug enforcement officials say, however, this portable process is much more popular in Midwestern and Southern states.

Texans, it seems, still get most of their meth from Mexico, authorities say.