Council approves $350,000 traffic signal upgrade for city


by A.C. Hall

In what several council members identified as an important step, the council unanimously approved a $350,000 project that will see the traffic signals at nine high priority intersections upgraded.  Project Manager Jack Bell presented this item to council.  He spoke about the importance of getting these key intersections addressed before some of the major new businesses open up in the city.

“We know we’re gonna have an influx of visitors to the city with the Hawaiian Falls opening and also the Region 11,” Bell said.  “We could be looking at 300,000 visitors a year coming in.”

The nine intersections being targeted for this upgrade are Las Vegas and Westpoint Blvd, Las Vegas and Clifford, Las Vegas and White Settlement Road, Las Vegas and Silvercreek, Cherry Lane and Western Hills, Cherry Lane and White Settlement Road, Cherry Lane and Scott, Clifford and Cherry Lane, and Clifford and Easley.

“The locations that we chose were high impact areas, major thoroughfare areas,” Bell  said.

The new system is a thermal image camera known as the FLIR camera system.  Staff spoke about this system’s ability to better identify and help traffic flow, as well as the ease at which it can be controlled and worked on.

“This is something that can carry us into the next twenty years hopefully,” Bell said.

The budget contained $240,000 towards this project, and Bell informed the council that if they wanted to shave off some of the locations he was proposing, it would get them closer to that number.  The importance of having this in place before some major businesses open later this year, as well as some freed up money in the budget, were mentioned as reasons to do the full nine locations for the $350,000 price.

A brief discussion about red light cameras was held, and it was stated that these upgraded intersections are not going to contain that feature.

Council unanimously approved this project, which should be in place prior to the Hawaiian Falls opening in May.

Ordinance change

An ordinance about the possession of handguns was changed as council moved to eliminate outdated and unenforceable aspects of the law.  Instead, the ordinance will now point to State Law to govern issues such as carrying weapons in City Hall and other government buildings.

New Dollar General location

Council unanimously approved the preliminary plat for the new home of Dollar General.  Currently located across the street from Kevin’s Hometown Furniture, Dollar General will be moving a few blocks down White Settlement Road.  Their new location will be next to CCC Cleaners.

Executive Session

Council held a closed door executive session to discuss several items.  One thing discussed was pending or contemplated litigation or to seek advice from the attorney about the Westworth Village Fire Department negotiations.  When they returned to open session, council unanimously approved a motion to continue discussions with Westworth Village about fire coverage.

The annual review of the City Attorney was also held.  Council voted unanimously to grant him a $500 a month raise.