It’s bluebonnet time — FINALLY!


After the unusually cold and long winter in North Texas, the local blooming landscape has people out in droves taking family photos this spring. Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes and daisies have filled the roadsides all over Texas.

So, how do Texans keep up with the flower blooms and know when to plan their annual treks?  Texas has a wildflower hotline with recordings of locations and bloom information for the magnificent wildflowers viewed by thousands of visitors wanting to witness this display of nature firsthand.  The TXDOT Wildflower Hotline is 800-452-9292.   It’s also notable that TXDOT spreads more than 33,000 pounds of dozens of varieties of wildflower seeds along Texas highways each year.

Lady Bird Johnson’s quest to populate Texas with more wildflowers began in the Texas Hill Country.   As the wife of the 36th President, she worked on a state and national level to beautify Texas roads and conserve and preserve the natural landscapes that exist.  She also founded the Lady Bird Wildflower Center in Austin in the early 1980s, though it was originally the National Wildflower Research Center.