Local youth group experiences jarring awakening at camp

OK earthquake

By Cheryl Posey

A group of teens from the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement were shaken awake Monday morning, some say a little too abruptly.

They were a few hours from home attending Zenith summer youth camp at Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond when one of four earthquakes rocked the area around them. Although some said it was scary, others slept right through it.

“They [the kids] talked about it most of the morning,” camp counselor Leslie Rutledge, also from West Freeway, said. “I carry a walkie talkie and there were a

few of us on the radio. ‘What was that?’ said one lady, and another just said, ‘Did you

feel that?’ One said, ‘Yes. it woke me up right out of bed!’”

According to earthquaketrack.com, Oklahoma had 2 earthquakes Tuesday, one in Edmond and one in Enid, 6 earthquakes on Monday, four in Edmond and two in Choctaw, and a total of 18 earthquakes in the past 7 days.

Rutledge said she was more than surprised when the first one hit.

“The first quake startled me because I was already awake. It felt like a jolt of thunder. Not too bad. The second one, I was just in the shower. I felt the whole room shake and looked up just as the walls moved. Oh my, I just thought, Father, what is this?” she said.

She said several girls were out in the hallway when she finally got dressed and out of her room. She said those girls were talking excitedly and said they had initially screamed. However, some were still asleep and never even knew it had happened.

West Freeway kids on the trip are Daniel Crossley, Billy Crossley, Annie Durko, Ellie Posey, George Molinar, Alex Young, Hayden Posey and Robbie.