Police, firefighters work to help distraught woman


Loop 820 was closed temporarily during the peak of rush hour this past Friday after a woman threatened to jump from the White Settlement Road bridge. Firefighters and police worked together to rescue the woman who had climbed over the bridge railing and on top of a sign above northbound West Loop 820, a Fort Worth fire department spokesman said.

Firefighters and police arrived on the scene shortly after 5 p.m. and blocked the traffic along the roadway.

Firefighters parked a fire engine underneath the woman, raised a ladder and climbed up, reports said. A police officer was able to lean out and reach her from the bridge, and the officer grabbed her and held her steady until firefighters eased her down the ladder.

Witnesses at the scene said even though the woman resisted efforts to rescue her, the police and fire fighters showed kindness and care as they coaxed her back to safety. 

Emergency personnel took the woman to a hospital for evaluation, according to authorities.

The woman and responders were uninjured.

The freeway reopened around 5:30 p.m. but continued to move slowly because of the major backup caused by the highway closure.

Photo by Joshua Westover