Summer rains nice, may extend mosquito season


In Tarrant County, the West Nile virus seems to be targeting areas outside of Fort Worth.

So far in 2014, the Tarrant County Public Health Department’s (TCPHD) in-teractive mapping software shows 41 positive mosquito traps. But, not one of those positives has been in the county’s largest city.

A vast majority of the positives have been found in northeastern Tarrant County, which those studying and collecting data said is pretty typical according to the TCPHD.

So far, the 42 to 62 traps the county puts out each week haven’t caught a single positive mosquito. Last year, though, Fort Worth saw five such positive mosquito pools.

With only two years of intense, thorough and consistent trapping and testing, it remains hard to say why. The mitigation efforts, removing source pools and mosquito breeding grounds, could play a role, so, too, could the 2012 outbreak of the virus.

One thing noted in the report for sure is that the our rainy days this summer have thrown off the season and is why we are seeing high mosquito numbers once again.

But more mosquitoes doesn’t necessarily mean more risk of West Nile virus.

However, the TCPHD said citizens should continue to take precautions. Another unique aspect of this year’s season is that right now Tarrant County has more positive traps than Dallas County. Historically, it has usually been the other way around.  Officials say the summer rains could push mosquito season into September and even early October.