Veterans Park receives parking lot upgrades, new foot bridge

bridge vet park

by A.C. Hall

The parking capacity at Veterans Park has gone up by over two hundred spaces over the past month as the city has extended and improved multiple areas of the parking lots.  The existing unpaved overflow parking along Clifford Street was paved, with bus parking installed nearby.  Fifty parking spaces were added as the existing parking lot was extended to wrap further around the north side of the softball fields.  On the other side of the park, seventy-five new spaces were added near the pavilion as that parking lot was also extended.  The total cost of the parking lot upgrades was $236,000.

Project Manager Jack Bell and Economic Development Director Jim Ryan spoke to The Grizzly about the project on Monday, saying the upgrades were something the park needed and that they could help alleviate any potential parking issues that might arise when that area is seeing heavy use.  Ryan also mentioned that Hawaiian Falls and development in that area is making Clifford Street more and more a main entry point into White Settlement and that paving the overflow parking lot along Clifford helps beautify that area as it is one of the first things people see as they come into the City.

The parking near the pavilion has long been mentioned as something that could serve as overflow parking for Hawaiian Falls, and Bell said that extending that parking could prove critical if there was ever a softball tournament going on at the same time Hawaiian Falls is experiencing a busy day.  A wooden bridge is under construction near the pavilion to serve as a footpath between the park and Hawaiian Falls.  Ryan stated that Hawaiian Falls is constructing that bridge as part of their agreement with the City.