Graffiti on wall causes activation of safety plan at BMS

BMS frontcrop

Brewer Middle School parents were notified by email on Thursday of this last week that campus administration and district police were investigating graffiti found inside a restroom on Wednesday, Oct. 22. The email stated, “Although the graffiti appears to be written as a prank, we do take this matter seriously.”

To ensure student safety, additional district police officers were at the school on Thursday and Friday, and students were not allowed outside during the school day. The district also installed additional cameras on Friday.

“As a parent of two students in WSISD, I will not apologize for two things … ensuring that we do all we can to ensure the safety of our kids and our staff and maintaining high expectations for student success,” said Superintendent Frank Molinar.

School officials will continue to investigate the matter.

Desiree Coyle, WSISD communications director said, “At the secondary level, most communication to our parents is through our AlertNow phone and email and our website. We encourage our parents to make sure their information is updated frequently so they will always have the latest information from the school and the district.”

Coyle said, “It’s our desire to always be transparent with our families, while adhering to confidentiality guidelines and maintaining discretion in discussing an ongoing investigation.”