Residents approve multipurpose arena propositions


Fort Worth residents overwhelmingly approved three ballot propositions on Tuesday that will provide funding for a new Multipurpose Arena adjacent to the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Here are the final vote totals:

  • Proposition 1. An admission tax on each ticket to events at the venue, at a rate not to exceed 10 percent of the ticket price, passed with 79 percent of the vote.
  • Proposition 2. A tax on each stall or pen used by livestock during an event at the venue, not to exceed $20 per stall or pen for any event, passed with 76.9 percent in favor.
  • Proposition 3. A parking tax, not to exceed $5 for each vehicle, passed with 72.2 percent.

The state-of-the-art Multipurpose Arena will be built just south of the livestock barns between Montgomery Street and Trail Drive. The new facility will complement the architectural style of the Will Rogers District and can host concerts, family shows, sporting events, ceremonies, rodeos and equestrian shows.

A group of private-sector donors has agreed to provide half of the $450 million projected costs. There will be no increases in city property tax, sales tax or hotel occupancy tax rates, and there is no expected impact on the city’s General Fund or Public Events Fund.