Council votes to attend Austin conference in January

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Council holds brief December meeting

by A.C. Hall

Only one item of new business faced the White Settlement City Council as they held their regularly scheduled December meeting on Tuesday.  The Texas Municipal League Oil and Water Conference is being held in Austin in early January, and City Manager Linda Ryan gauged council interest in attending.

“With all of the conversation that we’ve had lately about oil wells, I thought maybe some of the council would want to attend,” Ryan said.

Ryan said that with the cost of the conference and hotel accommodations it would be around $400 or $500 for members of the council or city staff to go.

A motion passed unanimously approving attendance to the conference.  No indication was given as to which council members would be attending the conference.


  Council held a closed door executive session, and Mayor Jerry Burns was not present when council returned from that session, leaving Mayor Pro Tem Steve Ott to handle the duties of running the rest of the meeting.

Two motions were made relating to the executive session.  The first motion passed unanimously and approved the sale of property on Mirike Drive for the price of $7,000.

The second motion saw council deliver a split decision as they considered the contracts of the Municipal Judge and the Municipal Prosecutor.  A motion was made to approve both contracts and that motion passed 3 to 2 with council members Elzie Clements and Danny Anderson voting against.  No discussion was held on this matter in open session.