Five outdated Fort Worth pools to be demolished in 2015



The City Council on Tuesday evening voted to demolish five swimming pools, each more than 50 years old and obsolete: Sycamore Park Pool, built in 1926,Sylvania Park Pool, built in 1936, Lake Como Park Pool, built in 1957, Kellis Park Pool, built in 1960, Hillside Park Pool, built in 1960.

The 2015 General Fund budget includes $262,688 to fund the demolition and return the sites to park open space. The demolitions will occur between February and April 2015; new grass will be planted next spring.

The demolitions are part of the citywide Aquatic Master Plan, initiated in 2008 and updated in 2012. An audit found that repairing the concrete shells of pools built more than 40 years ago would be impractical.

The Parks & Community Services Advisory Board has endorsed the demolition of the out-of-service pools.

This summer, the city will operate swimming pools at Forest Park (repaired in 2013) and Marine Park (built in 2013) as well as a spray ground at Sycamore Park.