White Settlement Youth Football sports two superbowl winning teams


by A.C. Hall

Winning the youth football superbowl once is hard enough, but the White Settlement Youth Football Association just had two teams win the superbowl in their age group.  The Bantam White team has players age 6 and 7 and just completed an undefeated season that culminated in their superbowl victory this weekend against North Crowley.  The Junior Blue team has players age 7 and 8 and they finished the year with an 8 and 3 record, capping off their run with a super bowl victory this weekend against Diamond Hill.

Bantam White Super Bowl

“This is an amazing accomplishment seeing that each team plays 8 other teams from across North Texas during regular season play then a playoff series with single loss elimination to get to the Superbowl,” Jason Niemela of the WSYFA said.  “After all that fight and dedication, they have been crowned the champions of their age division.”

Both superbowl games took place on November 29 at Weatherford High School Roo Stadium in Weatherford, Texas.  Bantam White won their game 20 – 0, while Junior Blue won their game 24 – 16.Jr Blue Super Bowl