New retail building coming to Benbrook


by A.C. Hall

On Jan. 19 the Benbrook Economic Development Corporation closed on a property sale with Steve Hawkins Construction and Development.  This one million dollar transaction is part of a deal between the BEDC and the developer to bring retail attractions to the 2 acre site that sits alongside Starbucks and Waffle House at 8501 Benbrook Boulevard.  

Plans are already in motion to bring a 21,065 square foot commercial building to the site.  The building is being designed to house retail, office, and restaurants.  The deal between the two parties also includes a restaurant shell being built on the site that will be used in an attempt to attract another sit down restaurant to Benbrook.

“This sale marks the success of a project the BEDC has worked to put together for several years.  The property had a few blemishes, but the diligence of the board and staff to work through issues of accessibility have been resolved, and this sale is a step in the right direction for quality development in Benbrook,” BEDC president, Kent Williams said in comments on Benbrook’s website.

Developer Steve Hawkins has reportedly said that construction on the site could start as early as March.