Benbrook releases annual Big Picture report


by A.C. Hall

For the eighth consecutive year, the City of Benbrook has released their comprehensive annual report about the City.  Anyone looking for information about the city’s major projects, financial standing, and ongoing goals and views will find plenty to read in this eleven page document.

The ongoing work to reconstruct Benbrook Boulevard/377 are addressed on the first page in a message from the City Council.

“City Council is excited about the ultimate aesthetic and functional improvements to our primary business corridor,” the report states.

The recent land swap with Fort Worth as well as the opening of the first Benbrook community garden are also touched upon in the opening part of the report.

Getting into the financial side of things, the report provides an in depth overview of the tax rate, expenditures, and revenues of the city as well as their credit rating.  That’s followed by a pair of detailed charts that shows exactly where the city gets it’s revenues and where they spend those revenues.  In the recent budget, property taxes make up nearly 64% of the City’s revenue while the Police department stands as the City’s highest expenditure at almost 35%.  Put together, the police and fire departments take up 50% of the city’s expenditures in the current budget.

The full report is available for viewing online at