New faces at city hall … part 2

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by A.C. Hall

Last week we featured a conversation with new Assistant City Manager Jeff James as he assumes a leadership role in White Settlement.  Another promotion that has taken place in recent months involves former Building Official Kyle Reeves, who is now the Economic Development Director for the City.  City Manager Jim Ryan shared some thoughts about Reeves with The Grizzly Detail.  

Kyle Reeves
Kyle Reeves

“He’s worked with me very closely on most of the EDC projects in the last few years, and is a very capable young man.  He will do well in the job and already has many new projects in the pipeline,” Ryan said.
Economic development continues to be one of the key focuses of the White Settlement leadership and Reeves is already hard at work in his new position.  Despite his busy schedule, Reeves took the time to speak with The Grizzly Detail about his new role as one of the city leaders.
The Grizzly:  What was your reaction when you learned that Jim Ryan was making you the next EDC Director?

Kyle Reeves:  Upon learning about my promotion, I was thrilled to become a more intricate part of the White Settlement growth.  Knowing that Jim Ryan had the confidence in my upcoming responsibilities was the biggest compliment that I could ever receive.  Under Jim Ryan’s direction as City Manager, I believe that 2015 will be just the beginning of tremendous growth and changes within our city.

The Grizzly:  How are you using the skills and knowledge you gained as a Building Official to help bring new businesses to the city?
Kyle Reeves:  My municipal career began many years ago as a college student walking along the highway with a broom and sweeping behind street repairs.  Since then, I have worked in various departments supervising street projects, mastering code enforcement, and implementing the local building code.  Later in my career I was fortunate enough to become the Building Official.  Having various areas of knowledge is imperative to help bring in new business to our community.  You have to understand all aspects of the potential needs and wants to gain the trust of a new business to make White Settlement their new “home”.

The Grizzly:  What’s your overall philosophy about how to stimulate economic growth here in White Settlement?
Kyle Reeves:  I believe that we can stimulate the economic growth in White Settlement by continuing to stand by the statement “White Settlement, open for business”.  We need to continue to welcome businesses with open arms and be able to listen to their needs and make them feel welcome in the community.

The Grizzly:  Now that Council has voted to forgive the EDC’s $1.4 million loan and return $560,000 to the EDC your board is going to have the ability to do a lot more.  What are some ways that money might be put to use and what are your feelings on the council’s decision to forgive the loan?
Kyle Reeves:  When the City Council voted to forgive the EDC’s $1.4 million dollar loan and return $560k to EDC, I was elated.  Opening up these funds allows us to compete with other cities in the DFW metro-plex.  We can entice potential business to come see what we have to offer.  I will also visit established businesses that need a slight face lift with a new awnings, exterior upgrades, etc.  Assisting established businesses to increase growth and sales potential is imperative.  After all, these businesses are the cornerstone of our impending growth in 2015.