A.C. at the Movies…


Furious 7

In many ways, the seventh film in the Fast and the Furious franchise completes the evolution of this series.  What started out as a street racing cops and robbers story has slowly morphed into a super hero action overload full of mayhem of the highest order.  Is that a good thing?  I’m not positive, but I do know that you’ll be entertained by Furious 7 one way or another.  
Here’s the deal.  This movie is about as over the top and ridiculous as it gets.  Characters drive cars off of cliffs, out of planes, out of skyscrapers, off of bridges, pretty much off of anything that would kill them.  But no, they do not die, because like I said, the entire cast of this franchise has morphed into super heroes.  They’re all martial artist masters, black ops level shooters, and of course they’re all still wizards behind the wheel of a car.
While it’s far from believable, one thing these new superhero level powers give us is the most insane action sequences imaginable.  The mayhem scale does not go high enough to accurately describe just how nuts things get in this movie.  These sequences are amazingly done, look beautiful, and are full of wow moments, but they’re dangerously close to being too ridiculous to handle.
As it has in the past, Furious 7 also suffers from trailer exposure.  The film spoiled all of its biggest moments in the extensive previews the film released over the past few months.  Rarely has a franchise spoiled as many big moments as Furious 7 did.  There are very few times when you’re seeing something that you didn’t glimpse in the extensive trailers, and that really does diminish the awe and impact of some of the film’s most major moments.
One thing that really elevates this movie is the star power it employs.  Jason Statham makes for an awesome villain, as does martial arts master Tony Jaa.  Kurt Russell is great as a CIA spook and as always Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is enjoyable in these films.  Playing these big time actors off the already established Fast and Furious cast works really well and elevates the film quite a bit.
Something that I think needs to be mentioned is the rampant gratuitous female objectification in this movie.  The franchise has always snuck in a few strategically placed camera shots of attractive women, but Furious 7 does this way more.  It serves no purpose, and is done to a point that’s just gross and uncomfortable.
Notice how I haven’t mentioned anything about plot or story yet?  The fact is, there’s nothing really worthwhile to say about it.  After the first film in this franchise, plot has been something the filmmakers stopped worrying about.  In Furious 7, the team hops around the globe on dangerous missions trying to find Statham despite the fact that Statham finds them in nearly every scene.  Going outside and standing in the yard would be a suitable plan to find Statham, but instead the team fights mercenaries on the other side of the world.
Does any of it make sense?  No, not at all.  Is it a blast?  Yes, yes it is.

This movie is rated PG-13 for prolonged frenetic sequences of violence, action and mayhem, suggestive content and brief strong language