Benbrook council approves new fire truck for city


by A.C. Hall

A new Spartan Metro-Star Chassis Fire Pumper vehicle was approved for purchase at the latest Benbrook City Council meeting.  Fire Chief Tommy Davis presented this item to the council, informing them that their existing fire pumper vehicle did not pass a recent inspection.  Chief Davis also pointed out that the current fire pumper is from 1988.
The cost of a new fire pumper vehicle is $534,120.  Chief Davis told council that $484,454 is in a capital asset replacement fund and that the remaining funds for the vehicle would need to come from unappropriated general fund reserves.

File Photo of truck style
File Photo of truck style

Council unanimously approved the purchase of the new vehicle as well as the necessary budget amendment to fund it.
Alley improvements approved
City Engineer David Corley presented this item to council as they considered approval of alley improvements between Cozby North and Mercedes Street.  Council has been working on alley improvements in the area for years using the County Development Block Grant program.  However, the 430 feet section of alleyway between Cozby North and Mercedes Street is not eligible for the CDBG program, forcing the city to pay for it directly.
Corley presented the three bids that were received for the project.  The high bid was over $263,000 while the low bid came in from P.C. Contractors at $109,408.  Corley informed council that P.C. Contractors has done alley work for the city before and handled the Bryant Street drainage project.  “They performed very well on those projects,” Corley said.
The funds for this project would come from the street assessment funds and the work is expected to take around sixty days to complete.
Council member Renee Franklin brought up concerns about traffic in that area.
“Is it going to add any more congestion that the citizens are already having to put up with with the 377 construction?” Franklin asked.
Corley said this shouldn’t be the case and pointed out that the alley won’t tie into 377, saying it will instead mainly serve the surrounding properties.
“This alley will probably help allow all of the adjacent property owners to have more access and better access,” Corley said.
Also commenting on this project was council member Jim Wilson who voiced his approval.
“In this day in time to finish off unpaved surfaces, roadways and alleys, we need to move along on these,” Wilson said.
A motion passed unanimously to approve the low bid for the project.
Rabies testing agreement approved
Council unanimously approved continuing an interlocal agreement with Fort Worth for rabies control and testing.  There is no up front cost for Benbrook, with the testing being done at $150 per animal on a per case basis.  Under the agreement, Benbrook transports the animal in question to Fort Worth where the rabies testing takes place.  Over the last three years 21 animals have been tested under the agreement.