Choir students perform at Carnegie


Twenty-five members of the Brewer High School choir recently had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Brewer choir students were part of a 300-member voice choir that consisted of students from throughout the nation. Their performance included professionally trained soloists as well as a string orchestra.
Students were: Karissa Bailey, Kristin Bennett, Regan Cavanaugh, Samantha Dominguez, Grayson Griffin, Cameron Harris, Hayley Cole, Krista Lopez, Taylor Hoover, Madeline Montanez, Andrew Montanez, Mallory Record, Andrea Ortega, Emily Norman, Keely Smith, Tabren Smith, Tammy Starr, Sadie Gamez, Sara Leyerle, Sarah Melgar, Kyle Kirschner, Adam Levrier, Paul Koke, Danielle Nafziger and Kaylee Skaggs.