Jets win award during Special Olympics

Special Olympics

The White Settlement Jets Special Olympic team competed in the Area 11 Special Olympics at UTA Maverick Stadium on April 18.  Thirty-one athletes participated and they brought home the following awards: 18 gold medals; 17, silver; nine, bronze; four, fourth place; five, fifth place; and six, sixth place.
Students who participated were: Januel Almeida, Bobby Angora, Joselyn Arnold, Derick Brown, Christian Carr, Megan Childress, Devon Dvorak, Alyssa Ellis, Ashley Felts, Kevin Godin, AJ Hall, Alex Hannah, Jared Harris, Eric Herrera, Trey Hughes, Ryan Jenkins, Cherakee Johnson, Hunter Jones, Solomon Kinyanjui, Kaye-Lynn McElroy, Graham Palmer, Mason Poyfair, Davin Reynolds, Johnny San Juan, Ricky Stanley, Logan Sylva, Summer Taylor and Lexi Woolsey.
Not pictured are: Chris Green, Jacob Harper and Kolton Williams.
Coaches are Mandy Jenkins, Robin Tucker, Heather Laster and Anne Willhite.