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Mad Max: Fury Road…

There have been many action movies over the years, but I don’t think there’s ever been one with such a singular and absolute focus as Fury Road.  This is a post apocalyptic movie about a big truck driving across the desert that gets attacked again and again by crazed maniacs.  No, I’m not kidding or exaggerating, that’s what this movie is all about.  Aside from a few brief quiet moments, this is one long action sequence and it’s an incredible thing to behold.  
A few things become really clear early on in this film.  Firstly, this is a stunning visual movie.  Everything in Mad Max: Fury Road is awesome to look at.  From the maniac characters to the insane cars, the inventiveness in this movie is off the charts from start to finish.
The second thing you come to understand early is the absolute laser focus of the film.  It is one long, ever evolving action sequence.  It’s an ambitious move that somehow pays off, which is amazing to me.  I don’t know of any other movie or filmmakers that could pull off basing an entire film around one action sequence, but that’s what Fury Road does.  The action is so fast paced and intense that you don’t mind that it rarely stops.  You’d think the constant action would get old, but frequent new elements and enemies keep the vehicular combat feeling fresh and interesting.mad_max_fury_roadc
One thing that is undeniable about this movie is the creativity it contains.  Nothing is generic or usual in this movie.  Every vehicle, every character, and every weapon is deeply original, the creation of some mad creative genius.  For example, the bad guy army has a giant car made up of amplifiers and a maniacal guitar player hangs off the front of it playing heavy metal music.  If that’s not creative and original then I don’t know what is.
As strange as the movie’s inhabitants and objects are, I love how much of it feels authentic and serves a purpose.  The weapons and tactics used in the film are absolutely outlandish, but they all make their own sort of lunatic sense and fit perfectly within the fabric of the world of the film.
There are no breakout performances to mention, as most characters in the film are stoic and focused on the deadly action at all times.  Tom Hardy is passable as the title character Mad Max, but is probably the least memorable person in the whole film.  Charlize Theron provides the movie’s basic plot as an evil woman named Imperator Furiosa who is trying to find redemption by saving some slaves.  While her performance is also very reserved, it’s the one that gives the movie that bit of emotional investment that it needs.  These are the two main characters, but memorable characters populate just about every second of this movie.  With names like The Bullet Farmer, Toast the Knowing, The People Eater, Cheedo the Fragile, and The Organic Mechanic, you can’t help but be drawn in by this cast of lunatics.
Sometimes it’s tough to decide how to recommend a movie, but in this case it couldn’t be easier.  Mad Max: Fury Road is a nonstop action bonanza full of gasoline, guns, and mayhem.  It’s staggeringly unique, and built around a singular ongoing action sequence.  The action is imaginative, amazing, and some of the best you’re likely to ever see.  If you want a deep story and emotionally complex characters, then look elsewhere, but if you want some high octane action and incredible visuals then go check out this movie now.

This movie is rated R for intense sequences of violence throughout, and for disturbing images