Brewer Alumni award scholarships

bhs alum

By Cheryl Posey

Monday night, the Brewer Exes Association presented 3 scholarships to seniors at the annual Honors Night program.

The scholarships were made possible by donations from former Brewer students, including a $250 check from the students in the combined classes of the 1950’s.  The scholarships were all given in honor of one of the Exes Association’s beloved board members, David Deming.  
David Deming was a gentle soul who graduated from Brewer High School in 1966 after attending Central Elementary and Brewer Middle School.  After high school, he attended TCU where he fostered his love for reading and writing by working in the TCU library.  Later in life he collected hundreds of books, which he would gladly share with his friends any time he was asked.
David loved talking about the many different types of stories and poems he had read, and also enjoyed writing some of his own.  He also dabbled in the arts and loved to draw house designs for his many friends.  He was also a talented chef and loved entertaining in his home.  He played piano and also wrote some of his own music. David retired from Harris hospital in 2013 and died in November 2014. He had been serving his hometown community as a member of the Brewer Exes Association for the past few years and had planned to take over as president in 2015.
The first scholarship, a $500 cash award, was given to Reagan Rothenberger.  After graduation.  Reagan plans to pursue his lifelong dream of attending Texas A&M University to major in business, and then pursue his Masters Degree in Accounting. Reagan plans to give back to his community by living his life in the surrounding community and raising his own children right here in the White Settlement ISD where he plans to be a positive influence and role model.
The next $500 scholarship recipient was Spencer Crawford.   After graduation, Spencer plans to “change the world,” he said. He plans to do this by studying business and political science at the University of Texas at Austin. Through these avenues, Spencer hopes to support a non-profit business and also to help pass new legislation that will help many more people. Spencer said he has enjoyed 13 years of “encouragement and support” from the White Settlement ISD and plans to repay this debt later in life by offering a scholarship for Brewer seniors and also making sure the WSISD receives the positive recognition it deserves.
The third scholarship recipient was Michelle Tapia, who received a $1,000 cash award.  Michelle plans to blaze a new trail in life for her family by being the first to graduate from college.  But she doesn’t plan to stop there; she will continue serving others by becoming a doctor and making a true difference in her patients’ lives. Michelle says she will always remember where she started her journey, and she will never forget the love and support she has received here from her parents and teachers.
The Brewer Ex-student Association presenters for the evening also congratulated all of the senior awards recipients for their many accomplishments, and the entire senior class of 2015.  As alumni of Brewer High School, Armstong reminded the seniors that what they do in the future, good or bad, will reflect back on the school and this community.
“No matter where you go, you will always have Brewer High School as a part of your résumé, and that is one reason you should always care about what is happening here at home,” Exes board member, Ricky Armstrong said.
“It is our hope tonight and always that you will someday choose to be a part of the Brewer Exes Association and help us keep a connection open between those who have attended Brewer High School in the past, and those who attend now.”