Places in White Settlement

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by A.C. Hall

After spending 99 percent of my life in White Settlement, I’ve found a few spots that serve as my favorite places in the City.   

#5 Old Brewer High School:  Perched atop a hill on Cherry Lane, old BHS (now serving as the middle school) is a place that holds strong memories for a big portion of those who live in and around White Settlement.  The iconic structure serves as a shared touchstone for all who’ve gone to school here, and remains one of my favorite spots.
#4  Saddle Hills Disc Golf Course:  This long ignored piece of land has been transformed into a heavily trafficked and unique part of our city.  Most are familiar with how it looks from the road, but anyone who’s played disc golf here can tell you that the park stretches deep, delivering a strange yet awesome experience of being out in the woods while remaining in the midst of the city.
# 3  Cherry Lane at night:  White Settlement is a city that goes to bed early, but stay up late some time and cruise down Cherry Lane and you’ll experience why I love this spot so much.  With nothing but you, the night air, and some great music, this drive is a wonderful way to remind yourself why it’s great to live in a small town.
#2  Central Park:  Growing up, I spent a ton of time at Central Park.  From summer days in the city swimming pool to little league baseball, this was where I could be found a lot of the time.  Even now as an adult, I love being in the big open space of Central Park.  It’s a great spot to chill out, unwind, and reflect on life.
#1  City Hall creek:  There is no spot that screams White Settlement more than the creek right outside of City Hall.  The collection of municipal buildings surround it perfectly, but it’s always the creek that draws your eye.  With it’s iconic walking bridge still proudly in place overhead, the City Hall creek is my favorite spot in White Settlement.