Top 30 seniors meet with CEO’s

Think Big @ FW Club

Brewer High School’s top 30 seniors had the opportunity to attend the Breakfast with the CEOs event at the Fort Worth Club on May 18 as part of the Think Big program. CEOs from Burlington Northern, Acme Brick, Justin Boots and TTI and several other business leaders attended the event.
Through the Texas Angel Fund and the Dallas Foundation, students in the Think Big program are able to participate in a job shadowing day for their “dream” profession as well as receive assistance with college application fees. Think Big provides Brewer seniors with networking support, and it gives students additional avenues for preparing for post-secondary education.
Pictured with Tim Matheus are: Sofia Aguilar, Joshua Ayala, Will Bradley, Spencer Crawford, Deanna Brown, William Bull, Alejandro Castillo, Lauren Daily, Claudia Escobar, Carson Gabbert, Josh Harris, Damian Hernandez, Wyatt Ikerd, Danielle May, DeDee McCaffrey, Kathryn Merchant, James Nienhuis, Neeranuch (Jeen) Oosub, Brooke Papenfuss, Callie Poyfair, Sophia Ramon, Mariana Romo, Reagan Rothenberger, Marko Santic, Alejandra Siguientes, Keely Smith, Tammy Starr, Kristen Suppes, Shelby Varner and Austin Walker.