Above and beyond for students



Part 3: A few questions with the teachers of the year

by A.C. Hall

The White Settlement Independent School District teachers of the year go above and beyond for the children of our community.  School may be out for the summer, but over the next several weeks we’ll get to know these honored teachers.
This week we’re talking with Lacey Brewer, the teacher of the year from Brewer High School.  

Grizzly:  What was your reaction when you found out you’d been chosen as one of the teachers of the year?
I was very humbled because it is such a prestigious honor and I feel very blessed to have been selected.

Grizzly:  What are some things you like to do when you’re not teaching?
I enjoy spending time with friends and family and exercising.

Grizzly:  Is there a teacher or educator that influenced you in your life?  If so, please share a little about them and how they influenced you.
My third grade teacher Ms. Steakley had a huge impact on my life and gave me the desire to want to become a teacher.  I remember all the fun hands on activities she did with us in class.  Ms. Steakley was not just there drawing a check each month; she actually cared and loved each one of her students.  When I got older my mother would tell me how I would just wander around Ms. Steakley’s class, but that she took the time to work with me.  She did not have to do that, but she understood that not all students are the same.  Instead of getting frustrated with my behavior, she found a way to teach me so that I could learn.  I believe that without Ms. Steakley helping to build that foundation, I would not be the teacher I am today.

Grizzly:  Please share one of your favorite memories from your time teaching in WSISD.
In my 14 years with WSISD, my favorite memories are to see a student that has struggled with a concept get that gleam in their eye when they finally understand it.