Benbrook council approves update to city’s strategic plan


by A.C. Hall

Deputy City Manager Dave Gattis presented this item to the Benbrook City Council at their June meeting as they looked at updates to their strategic plan.  First adopted in 2009, the plan was reviewed and revised in 2013. That review saw items that had been completed removed, as well as items that were no longer a priority removed.  Council was considering this once again last month, looking to remove finished or non-priority items from the plan.  There were no new items added to the plan.
Gattis ran the council through several of the changes to the plan.  One thing he mentioned is a continuing focus on park improvements.  Gattis stated that the plan currently is to do three parks over the next ten years.  The pedestrian bike trails will also be a continuing focus with the City looking to add some whenever possible.
Entry monuments on Benbrook Boulevard were discussed.  These will be added once the improvements to Benbrook Boulevard/377 have been completed.  Gattis also said the city will be developing a branding study that they’ll use to come up with a new signage plan around the city.  This multi-year plan will eventually lead to new signage added around the city.
Other aspects of the plan highlighted by Gattis were improving mobility for residents, keeping the City’s technology up to date, continuing to attract businesses to Benbrook, and to increase the amount of jobs available in the City.
With none on the council having any questions for Gattis, a motion was made to approve the update to the strategic plan.  That motion passed unanimously.
Before adjourning the meeting, council member Ron Sauma had some brief comments.  He referenced the City of Van that was devastated by a tornado.  Sauma said Benbrook’s building inspector, Izzy Rivera, helped that city out a lot as they recovered from that tragedy.
Sauma also spoke highly of Gattis, saying he continuously receives all kinds of accolades.
“And believe me, they are earned,” Sauma said.
Sauma offered his congratulations to these men for their hard work and the good they do for Benbrook.  Mayor Jerry Dittrich echoed this, praising the high quality of the city staff.