Budget approved by EDC for new year

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by A.C. Hall

In a brief meeting last week, the White Settlement Economic Development Corporation approved their budget for the upcoming fiscal year with a unanimous vote.  Economic Development Director Kyle Reeves gave a rundown of the balanced budget prior to the vote.  Reeves referenced the decline in sales tax revenues as well as mentioning some other budget challenges.  Health insurance costs are going up by twenty percent and Reeves stated that the city’s workers compensation insurance is also jumping up.  
To combat these challenges, Reeves stated that there are no raises built into the current EDC budget.  He also said that they have slightly reduced the amount budgeted for business improvement grants.  An open position in the Parks department has also been frozen.  When filled, that position would have impacted the budget for around $50,000.
EDC board member Jerry Burns commented on the lean budget, saying that it is the type of budget that has to happen from time to time.  Burns also stated that he believes the City Council will step up and assist the EDC if they need any financial assistance at some point in the next year.
Prior to the vote on the budget, a public hearing was held to allow anyone in the audience a chance to comment on the budget.  With no one present wishing to speak, the public hearing was closed and EDC unanimously passed the budget.
The EDC budget now moves to the City Council, who will need to approve it along with the rest of the city budgets at one of their upcoming meetings.