Bullet train on the move to connect Texas


For years, politicians and volunteers have been talking about building a high-speed rail line to and possibly through North Texas.
Just this past week, the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) approved $4.5 million for the planning, design, project development and preliminary engineering to build a high speed rail in the Dallas-Fort Worth to Houston corridor by 2021.
Officials say the regional bullet train would connect Fort Worth to Houston in 90 minutes.
The high-speed trains would link Fort Worth to Houston, other metropolitan areas in the state and eventually have another corridor stretching from Oklahoma to South Texas. Proponents say the trains would give travelers “a smooth, congestion-free ride between the state’s two largest metropolitan areas using technology popular in other parts of the world.”
The RTC plan sets aside $1.5 million to be spent each year, starting in 2016. The money will come from the Regional Toll Revenue funding account.
In 2012, it was estimated that the high-speed rail system, connecting the Metroplex with Houston and San Antonio, would cost $10 billion.