Show to feature two White Settlement unsolved murders


by A.C. Hall

The purpose of the mysterious film crew that was filming at White Settlement City Hall in recent months has finally been revealed.  White Settlement will be featured in Friday night’s episode of the reality crime show Cold Justice.  This show follows a former prosecutor and a former crime scene investigator as they dig into real life cold cases around the United States.  The duo work with local law enforcement to reopen old cases and over the life of the show their investigations have led to 21 arrests.  
The information for this two part episode set in White Settlement is listed as follows:
“In this 2 part episode, the Cold Justice Team investigates two different murder cases at the same time.  A 1992 sexual assault and murder of a woman, who was stabbed to death in her home, and a double homicide of two young men, whose throats were slashed. Both crimes happened within months of each other and in the same neighborhood leaving local law enforcement with three unsolved murders.  The team will have to determine if these two cases are potentially connected, and bring whomever is responsible to justice.”
Cold Justice airs on TNT.  The first part of the White Settlement episode titled “In the Neighborhood, part one” airs this Friday night at 7 p.m.