Brewer ex getting national attention

West Virginia Quarterback Skyler Howard.
West Virginia Quarterback Skyler Howard.

by A.C. Hall

Last year was an exciting time for Brewer graduate Skyler Howard.  After fighting his way through several colleges, Howard found himself at West Virginia University in 2014. He made the most of limited opportunities, and played well enough that he was named the starting quarterback for the team heading into the 2015 season.  
So far in 2015, Howard is playing at an elite level.  West Virginia is undefeated, starting their season on a 3 game winning streak.  Through those three games, Howard has racked up 916 yards passing, completing 69% of his throws for 9 touchdowns.  He has just a single interception in his 84 attempts.  He’s also run for 88 yards.
The performance of Howard and his team have gained national attention.  His story of hard work and determination that led him to West Virginia is becoming well known, as is his excellence on the field as a player and his integrity off the field as a person.  Howard continues to do his home town fans proud, and they’ll most certainly be watching and cheering anytime West Virginia University takes the field.