Bears playoff run doused by tough Falcon team

2015 Brewer Bears
2015 Brewer Bears

by A.C. Hall

The Bears fantastic 2015 season that saw them break an eleven year drought and return to the playoffs for the first time since 2004 has come to an end.  Brewer took on Lake Dallas on Friday night in round one of the playoffs.  The Lake Dallas Falcons proved too much for the Bears to handle on this night, winning the game 49 – 14 and putting an end to Brewer’s year.
Just as they were in the final game of the season, Brewer was without their top running back Jameson Carson.  The Bears had a deep compliment of runners this season, and Bryce Miller put together 143 yards rushing on 24 attempts against Lake Dallas.  Still, it’s hard not to wonder what kind of an impact Carson might’ve had if he was available to play in this game.  The passing attack of the Bears has been mostly nonexistent all year and that continued to be true on Friday.  Brewer completed just 2 of 9 passes for 50 yards.
In the end, the Lake Dallas offense won the night.  They put together 449 yards, with 336 of those yards coming on the ground.  They only had to punt once in the entire game compared to the four punts of the Bears.
While the loss to Lake Dallas may be a sour way to end the year, there’s nothing truly sour about Brewer’s 2015 season.  For a team that’s come up just short of the playoffs year after year, the Bears took a major step forward this season.  The goal since 2004 has been to get back to the playoffs.  That goal was accomplished this year in what proved to be an exciting three months of football.  The future is bright for the Brewer football program and it promises to be an exciting 2016 when this team once again takes the field.