Restaurant parking lot expansion complete

ihop parking

by A.C. Hall

After several months of work the parking lot extension of IHOP on Cherry Lane is complete.  Now customers who have navigated the often cramped and full parking lot will have an entire new section to park in.
This project came along thanks in large part to a push from White Settlement Economic Development Director Kyle Reeves.  Faced with two problems, the small IHOP parking lot and a swath of overgrown land next to the parking lot, Reeves worked with others to find a solution.  The reason the green area behind the parking lot has never been used is because it was an Oncor easement for them to use any time they needed to do work in that area.  However, in conversations with Oncor, the City found that they were more than willing to allow the area to be turned into a parking lot, so long as they can still utilize it in the rare instances when they need it.
The new parking lot not only adds some much needed additional parking to IHOP, but it also adds a much needed second entrance.  Instead of being able to enter and exit only from busy Cherry Lane, customers can now enter and exit from the new parking lot as it has an opening on Scott Street.