Cherry Lane remains closed as construction continues

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by A.C. Hall

The remediation process to clean up the fuel contamination along Cherry Lane continues as the emergency crew from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is still on site working. Discovered by a contractor doing road work in January, the soil contamination has caused the complete shutdown of the southern section of Cherry Lane. The fuel contamination is said to stem from a leaky underground gas tank from a Cherry Lane gas station. The leak was first discovered in 1989 and was addressed then by the TCEQ. Another occurrence of fuel contamination took place in the same place in 2008, and now again in 2016. Each of these are said to be due to the original leak and not a new source of contamination.
Originally estimated to start in early February and take a month, the cleanup process is still ongoing. Motorists looking for alternate routes through White Settlement to I-30 can use Las Vegas Trail, Spur 341, or take Meadow Park to the I-30 access road.