Students create artwork for citywide project

Daylee Mitchell
Brewer student Daylee Mitchell stands with her artwork near Cherry Lane and Western Hills Blvd.

By Ben Posey

You might hear some honking horns around the city as drivers take a little longer pulling away from some street light intersections. That’s because they will be admiring artwork created by students at Brewer High School.
Last year, the City of White Settlement Pride Commission enlisted the help of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) at the school to create artwork depicting early settler life in the city. These creations are being installed on selected traffic control cabinets to help beautify the community. Rival Sign Company is installing the artwork.
One of the first of seven designs was created by Brewer student Daylee Mitchell and is located at the intersection of Cherry Ln. and Western Hills Blvd.
“In my design I incorporated various concepts to produce my final piece. The man was inspired by the 19th century cowboy, not anyone in particular, but the viewer can interpret it however they want. The woman sitting on the hand is representing women and their persona/role back in the day. I wanted to illustrate that women were just as important in the development and growth of cities as the men.”
Brewer High School faculty advisor Rachel Beilfuss has been coordinating the project with the students.
“The six students involved in the White Settlement beautification project are fabulous artists full of originality and determination. Their hard work and commitment speaks for itself the moment you notice the refreshing yet nostalgic scenes depicted on the control cabinets in town. I am definitely looking forward to watching them grow as artists in the years to come at Brewer High School.”
The remaining five pieces of artwork will be featured in The Grizzly Detail Newspaper over the next several weeks.