By Cheryl Posey

Hold the presses! This can’t wait.

If you have a cup of hot (or cold, for you wimps) Starbucks deliciousness in your future, you may have to add a few more minutes to your drive time to get it for a couple of weeks, which is ill-timed since teachers and students may need that extra caffeine at the start of school.
The Starbucks that most of us are most familiar with just across Loop 820 from Wells Fargo and next to Jack-in-the-Box is headed for a facelift starting next week that will see the entire store closed for several days.
The store will be open on Aug. 16, but will close early that day to begin preparation for some construction that will essentially make more preparation room for employees by moving around some walls. The architectural drawings show a long bar being added in the customer area along a wall, but baristas inside the location said the renovation will actually reduce the number of tables in the store.
The coffee giant plans to reopen the store on Aug. 31, way before the first cool breezes of fall are upon us (as if that matters in our coffee cravings!).  In the meantime, your coffee thirst can be quenched at the Benbrook or Lake Worth locations.

Pictured:  Here’s to you Starbucks, until Aug. 31 when we shall meet again.