City council finalizes budget numbers in workshop, answers most citizen’s questions

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The City of White Settlement held the second in a series of budget workshops to discuss items on the 2016-17 fiscal year budget on Tuesday night. Steve Ott was absent from the meeting that saw a total of four citizens in attendance.
First item on the list was the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) budget. City Manager Jim Ryan informed the council members that the CCPD board had approved their budget and the only discussion would be to accept it or decline it. No changes could be made by the City Council. The expenditure budget for 2015-16 was $1,018,987.00 and the requested budget for 2016-17 is $1,017,526.00
When it came to Capital  Projects such as street repair and water wells, council members and the mayor chimed in asking if the city was being resourceful and making sure we were starting with the streets in need of most repair.
“Of course everyone who calls in is saying their street is in the worst shape,” Mayor Ron White said. “We just need to create a list of those in most need.”
That comment was responded to by City Manager Jim Ryan who said when they think they’ve found the worst of streets, another one with even worse conditions pops up.
Also discussed were new water wells to be dug at Spash Dayz waterpark so the city would not have to pay the City of Fort Worth to fill the pools. Staff said these wells would pay for themselves within the first couple of years of service. Other wells are planned within the city to help with water supply to residents.
During the public comment section of the meeting, Alan Price asked about the air conditioning unit in a back room at the animal shelter saying it was in dire need of repair not only for the animals but for those working at the facility. Council members stated that it was in the budget.
Also speaking was local resident Patricia England who questioned budget numbers for the library stating that it appeared that the library budget had been reduced. Council members responded stating that nothing had been cut and invited her to city hall to visit with staff to get further information and details on the library budget. She also questioned why so many departments were having to cut staff yet the city was able to hire a communications manager. No council member or city staff responded to that comment.  The next meeting is Sept. 13.