New animal shelter, 377 updates heard from Benbrook Council


During the meeting council members adopted an update of Section 17 of the Capital Improvement Program of the Comprehensive Plan. The Capital Improvements Plan is a forecast and schedule of public improvements for the next five years and beyond.  
Included are community facilities such as the new animal shelter that will soon start construction and should be completed by the Fall of 2017. The revised five-year plan pushes up construction of the new animal shelter, with design of the structure starting in March 2017 and the building completed in 2018. The shelter will be constructed in front of the Public Works facility on Winscott Road and, according to reports, will be a lot nicer than the current shelter, with inside and outside kennel runs.
Also included is the Benbrook Boulevard construction, which should also be completed in the Fall of 2017. According to staff, the widening of Benbrook Boulevard is running on schedule. The only delays are utility work. AT&T, Oncor, and Charter are working with the City on the relocation of their overhead lines. All of the overhead utility lines will either be buried underground or relocated overhead behind the commercial properties. Upon completion of the TxDOT project, the City will install the landscaping.
Storm drainage projects include Sundown Drive, Van Deman Drive, Chapin Road Cross Culvert replacement, Plantation West Creek repair project, Plantation East Creek repair project and the Timberline erosion project.
The Sundown Drive Drainage project will reduce the localized flooding problems impacting several residential properties in this area of City.
The Chapin Road Cross Culvert Project, by Western Hills High School, will start in 2018. The bridge on Chapin Road has erosion issues that will be repaired and next section will be the bridge at Dawn Drive.
The next drainage project is the Van Deman Drive Drainage Project. The project will consist of constructing some inlets and redirecting the water that comes down from Chapin Road.
The Clear Fork Bridge Project will be an emergency access only bridge that will connect the I-20 service road to Bellaire Drive South and will only be used by police and fire.
Another drainage Facilities project will be the Timberline Erosion Control Project that is currently under design. It will consist of building gabion walls along the rear of some properties on Timberline Drive to protect them from erosion.
Council also ratified an interlocal agreement with the Benbrook Water Authority for wastewater construction services.
In 2014, as part of a project swap agreement with Cassco Land Co. (Edwards’s family), the
Benbrook Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) obtained two tracts of commercial land, totaling 12.6 acres, known as NW Winscott Addition. The BEDC is committed to preparing the property for quality commercial development, and has invested in the following activities: an engineering evaluation; a real estate appraisal; traffic count; tree survey/removal; site clearing/gates; a sign study; and obtaining significant fill dirtrequired per the engineering evaluation.
The NW Winscott property currently has water service, but no sanitary sewer service. In 2015,
BEDC staff approached the Benbrook Water Authority (BWA) to discuss constructing a sanitary sewer line to service the property. After much discussion, BEDC and BWA have reached agreement on the project scope, alignment, costs, and responsibilities of each party as it relates to this project.
The proposed Interlocal Agreement is agreeable to both parties and reviewed and approved by the City Attorney.
The BEDC board of directors approved the Interlocal Agreement at their January 17, 2017 regular meeting, and is now seeking City Council ratification. The approved FY 2017 BEDC budget includes a line item and $1,500,000 for NW Winscott infrastructure.
The size and alignment of the sewer line will provide enough capacity to serve proposed commercial development of EDC’s 12.6 acres, the adjacent 3.2 acres to the west, and 13+ acres of undeveloped commercial parcels to the west of U.S. 377, thus potentially spurring development all along this prime I-20 frontage.
The 3.2-acre lot adjacent and west of the BEDC land is owned by Mr. Mojy Haddad, a local commercial developer with Oakhollow Group, LTD. Mr. Haddad has agreed to the sewer alignment that will stub out at his property. He has expressed an interest in a master planned development of both properties, and may negotiate to purchase BEDC land once the sewer project is approved.