The rise and fall of the wall along Chapel Creek


This section of a resident’s backyard fence along Chapel Creek Boulevard is crumbling onto a nearby sidewalk. A plan to replace the fence is finally in place with the help from The City of Fort Worth.

With a lot of letter writing, phone calling and attendance at meetings, residents along Chapel Creek are finally seeing some relief in restrictions for the brick wall that is falling down in their backyard.
It all started when the developer of the subdivision (who is long gone) built a tall, long, noncontiguous screening wall with regular-sized red bricks in 1998. The wall stretches 2,000 feet, interrupted by several cross streets.  The problem was with the quality of the wall with those involved saying that not enough rebar was used to strengthen the concrete footings. The wall leans in places and is crumbling in others, particularly the part that’s on a slope.
Now, The City of Fort Worth Planning and Development Board of Adjustment approved a variance for the residents and property owners of the deteriorated brick masonry wall. The variance will allow replacement of the wall with cedar fencing, which would match most of the other property fencing in the area.
A proposed design was submitted and approved for the common cedar fence design. The City of Fort Worth agreed to waive BOA filing and permit fees to assist the property owners with this resolution. The city also plans to help with free dumpster services to place and haul off the wall debris.
A local fence contractor has offered the property owners a very reasonable cost for the proposed fence design. However, they are still seeking assistance from anyone who can help their cause with the wall demolition. They’re hoping an individual who has or can operate a power excavation piece of equipment will come to the rescue to help pull down the wall and load it in the dumpster. Residents have been given 180 days to implement and complete the plan.